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old aulacogen, l.p. 

A Geological Consulting Service


james d. henry

Old Aulacogen is strictly a professional geological service. We do not do engineering, seismic, drafting, or land work of any description, and while we often do fieldwork involving oversight and supervision of coring, drill stem testing, directional drilling, and wireline logging, we are not a mud logging service, and we do not sell pigs. We can assist you with virtually all geological aspects of prospect generation, evaluation, preparation, presentations, log interpretation, and Railroad Commission testimony.

Our primary areas of stratigraphic expertise are the Fort Worth Basin and Bend Arch of North Central Texas. We are also professionally competent in the Ardmore and Marietta Basins of southern Oklahoma and the Anadarko Basin of western Oklahoma and Texas Panhandle. Over the years, we have acquired experience in all parts of the Permian Basin, the Michigan Basin, East Texas, Kansas, the Arkoma Basin, and offshore West Africa, but we no longer remain current in those areas, and we do not solicit clients therefrom. We were in the forefront of the Barnett Shale play with Mitchell Energy in North Texas as early as 1980, and we are currently involved in the fractured Marble Falls play and the Mississippian reef trend in the Fort Worth Basin. We anticipate that the fractured Forestburg Formation will be the target of the next drilling boom in North Central Texas, and we have already spent several years assembling detailed geological data and resources so as to be out front of that play when it develops.

Most of our work is done in our offices in Frisco, Collin County, Texas, but we enjoy getting our hands dirty out in the oil patch of North Texas whenever we have an excuse to do so.

We like dogs, golf, guns, Macs, motorcycles, Tex-Mex, IPA in frosty mugs, convertibles, women who behave like ladies, firm handshakes, and we believe wholeheartedly in doing all things The Cowboy Way. We hate snakes, snivelers, and inactivity, but other'n that we're generally fairly good-natured. If y'all would like to get to know us better, here's our contact info:

469-734-7170 Henry's iPhone

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