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Copyright James D. Henry 2022

Old Aulacogen actually started out as a geological software company way back in the mid-1980s when MS-DOS was all the rage, and Windows was just a twinkle in Bill Gates’s eye. I wrote a small utility program in BASIC called OILIE BLITZCOMP for petroleum geologists and engineers and marketed it in the US for a whopping $39 in the monthly newsletter of the now-defunct Computer Oriented Geological Society. There was almost no competition for similar geological software available at that early date, and the program gained a mild degree of popularity.

Thusly encouraged, the next year I wrote a second such program and called it—what else?—SON of OILIE BLITZCOMP (SOB for short). It too was well received, but the big-tech software professionals soon caught up with me, and that was the end of that. OILIE and SOB have been unavailable for several decades, but you can download them now at no charge on this web page. Click on the two yellow buttons below. They should work just fine with several versions of Windows’ compatibility mode, although the old Print Screen command is a thing of the past. (I have tested them with Windows 7, 8.1, and Vista.) They also work on a Mac using Parallels Desktop.

The log-related algorithms were reverse engineered from Schlumberger’s chart books at the time, and they still yield answers that are within about a one-percent margin of error for modern-day wireline tools used by most logging companies. I once tried porting OILIE over to the original Macintosh operating system, but the only BASIC interpreter/compiler available was made by Microsoft, and it was so horribly buggy that I had to give up. Alas, the source code for OILIE and SOB was lost long ago, so no further modifications or updates are possible today.

I hope you can get some use out of these two digital relics. Please try to remember that both of them are probably older than you are.